Magic the Gathering!: Rumor Mill - Mana Leak NOT Included in Magic 2013?


Gonna Hate:

One of the problems is that Mana Leak is simply a much more powerful card than we would be comfortable printing under modern development rules. Similar to why the Swords are so powerful—their costs were locked in before people really understood how to price Equipment—Mana Leak is…

  1. topher2323 answered: I’d rather see Snapcaster just outright banned in Standard
  2. mtg-bitch answered: fuck yes.
  3. ghost-autonomy answered: They’ll probably print a UU: Counter target spell. Just needs the proper drawback to allow it.
  4. masked-admirer answered: People need to stop complaining about blue. They should def continue to reprint mana leakk.
  5. sarroth said: Since I accidentally hit enter while typing my answer… I’d be okay with skipping printing it for a year or two like with Counterspell, but I hope it returns. There needs to be a balanced 2 CMC counter.
  6. sarroth answered: I’d be okay if it wasn’t in 2013 to return in ‘14 or
  7. thecatisalivefornow answered: thank god
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  9. dreamofflyingwhales answered: Without mana leak it is going to change standard dramatically. There is going to have to be a substitute for it, probably cancel though.
  10. theillusionofsubstance answered: I say good riddance. Blue has way too much power currently, and I’d like to see other colors win games besides control and delver…
  11. aspiringsorcerer said: It will be odd if it’s not reprinted. It’s become such a mainstay for blue. though to be honest I don’t really see the issue, Snapcaster makes it slightly more unfun than normal, but it’s no different from any other set really.
  12. thefoolthewildcardarcana answered: Yeah weren’t the top 2 decks at Honolulu red?
  13. theyreforevermyhurt answered: Let’s just make Red strong.. please.
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    I’m not really sure why everyone complains so much about blue lately. I mean yeah blue has always been annoying to play...
  16. losingmusings answered: There’s nothing wrong with Dissipate or Broken Ambitions. Countermagic can never be too powerful or else you alienate beginning players.
  17. magnathewillford answered: I agree, it needs time away; in the same way Lightning Bolt was given time away from standard after being in for two years.
  18. bralhebits answered: I think that if they leave Mana Leak, they should bring back lightning bolt.
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    After reading this article I had two thoughts: 1. Maybe they won’t reprint Mana Leak in M13. 2. Maybe they will ban...
  20. ramshackleknight answered: I hope it rotates out. Blue decks are way OP’d with snappy in meta. Once snappy rotates out, then bring it back.
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  22. lawngnomeking answered: I’d be pretty happy to see it rotate out, it may give more chance for other counters to be used
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